Will my auto policy cover the trailer I'm pulling?

Will my auto policy cover the trailer I'm pulling?

It may seem that a trailer is an extension of your vehicle and should be covered by your auto policy, but is it?!?!

If you use a trailer to haul your motorcycle, ATV or anything else, make sure you're protected with a cargo trailer insurance policy. You will likely need extended coverage above and beyond your auto policy.

Your auto policy can cover liability typically when it comes to a trailer, but not physical damage or theft. Also, certain specialty trailers like a horse trailer or boat trailer have certain considerations. In the case of a boat trailer, your boat insurance policy may cover the trailer as long as it’s used for it’s intended purpose of pulling a boat. 

Travel trailers like small campers may also need separate coverage and if you’re using a trailer for commercial purposes, you may need a commercial policy as well.  

The important thing to consider with any trailer, is that your standard auto policy may cover liability, but it’s likely you’ll need to look into extended or specialty coverage to make sure you’re fully protected. An independent insurance agent can help guide you through this process.

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