The art of the bundle - should you do it?

The art of the bundle - should you do it?

Should you bundle your home and auto insurance with the same carrier? What are the benefits? Are there any downsides?

Many Texas & Louisiana insurance companies offer incentives or discounts to “bundle” your home and auto and trust them with both products.

Aside from the prosect of saving money, there is also the incentive of an easier billing process. Having one payment to manage, rather than 2 can help simplify your bill pay process. 

There is also the potential benefit of being more valuable as a customer to the carrier you have insuring more of your assets. This could bring further savings over time to keep you as a loyal customer.

Are there downsides to the idea of “bundling” your insurance policies?

There can be a loss of customization flexibility with your policies in some instances. Also, even though you can get discounts for bundling, if you are the type of customer willing to do the “leg work” to shop your policies to multiple carriers, you could pass up potentially lower rates on both home and auto quoted with competing companies that overall ends up being lower combined than the bundled price.

Overall, bundling your auto and home insurance with one carrier in Texas or Louisiana tends to be a wise choice for most customers when you factor in both competitive price and convenience.

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