How to Customize BOP to Meet Your Business Needs

How to Customize BOP to Meet Your Business Needs

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) offers invaluable benefits to small business owners, particularly those operating on a tight budget. For a small business entrepreneur, a BOP is an essential business insurance cost that provides coverage for personal property and business liabilities by providing the essential protection to safeguard your business.

Customized Coverage with BOP

In addition to the primary benefits of a BOP, optional coverages provide an extra layer of small business protection. Small business owners can tailor these coverages to specific business needs, such as cyber coverage to protect against digital threats, equipment breakdown coverage to safeguard essential machinery, and professional liability insurance to mitigate risks associated with providing professional services. By customizing a BOP with these optional coverages, you can enhance protection against a wide range of risks and uncertainties, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Below, we explore three additional coverage options available through Central’s (one of our carriers) BOP.

#1: General and Employment Liability Coverage

Whether your business occupies a small office or a larger commercial property, you’ll need liability coverage for the space to ensure any accidents or incidents occurring on the premises are covered, protecting you from legal liabilities and costly litigation.

In addition, once a business hires employees, it opens itself up to employment practices liability exposure. Potential risks include issues related to discrimination based on factors like marital status, gender, race, or disability, among others. Even unintentional actions or misunderstandings could lead to costly legal battles. However, adding employment practices liability coverage to your BOP is a nominal business insurance cost that provides big protection for small businesses.  

For example, consider a graphic designer who begins as a sole proprietor working from their home office. Initially, their operations may seem low risk, but as they expand the business, move into a larger workspace, and begin hiring additional employees, liability exposure grows. A BOP can evolve with their business, offering comprehensive coverage for various liabilities from their changing circumstances and needs.

#2: Cyber Protection

Cybercriminals often target smaller businesses because they tend to have fewer protective measures and limited resources to invest in cybersecurity. Cyber threats include data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing scams, malware infections, and more. 

If customer data is compromised, these attacks can result in significant financial losses, damage to brand reputation, and even legal liabilities. Additionally, these incidents can compromise brand credibility with existing and potential customers. Experts have found that over half of consumers say they’d be less likely to do business with a company that has experienced a data breach. However, many small business owners continue to underestimate the risks or assume they’re not a target for cybercriminals, leaving them vulnerable to potentially devastating consequences. 

By including cyber coverage in your BOP, you can mitigate these risks and protect your businesses against the financial and reputational fallout of cyber incidents. Cyber coverage typically includes expenses related to data breach response, such as forensic investigations, notification costs, credit monitoring services for affected individuals, and legal fees. Additionally, it may cover extortion payments demanded by ransomware attackers and the costs associated with restoring data and systems following a cyberattack.

#3: Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown coverage is another essential business insurance cost you should consider adding to your BOP. In today’s technology-driven business environment, equipment failure can disrupt operations and lead to significant financial losses. Whether it’s a sudden malfunction of machinery, electrical systems, refrigeration equipment, phone systems, or computer equipment, any breakdown in essential equipment can disrupt productivity and result in costly repairs or replacements.

Equipment breakdown coverage provides financial protection against the unexpected costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged equipment. This coverage typically extends beyond traditional property insurance, which may not cover losses caused by mechanical or electrical failures, power surges, or operator errors.

A few examples:

  • A medical billing department experiences an interruption with their account service provider. The cloud-based software and files have been inaccessible for several days due to server damage resulting from an AC system breakdown.

  • A dental office is unable to serve patients when its HVAC system fails, creating inhospitable temperatures inside the practice.

  • A retail center cannot take calls after an electrical surge damages their phone system.

Equipment breakdown coverage offers small business owners peace of mind, knowing they’re protected against the financial impact of equipment failures. 

The Benefits of Central’s BOP

Central’s BOP offers essential property and liability protection and tailored coverage options designed to meet your business’s specific needs. We understand the challenges small business owners face, and we’re committed to providing comprehensive protection that safeguards your interests and minimizes financial risks.

With Central’s BOP, you can confidently navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship knowing you have the necessary protection in place to address unforeseen challenges head-on. Whether protecting your physical assets, mitigating liability risks, or defending against cyber threats, our BOP is designed to grow with your business.

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