Dangers of flashing flooding: what to know.

Dangers of flashing flooding:  what to know.

Flash flooding is a danger and concern throughout the country, but the hill country and central Texas is considered by some as Flash Flood Alley.    This is because of the high levels of rainfall, steep terrain, and shallow soil.   There are many different types of flooding that occur so what exactly causes flash floods?  Simply put, there is too much rainfall for the ground to absorb it.  This typically happens within 6 hours of the rain event.

 Why are flash floods so dangerous?  Often, they happen so quickly that people are fooled into thinking that the flowing water isn’t that deep or strong.   This is particularly true when vehicles are involved.  A common example would be a neighborhood street develops flowing water after a sudden heavy rain.  Vehicles approach and the driver thinks they can drive across rather than turning around and finding an alternate route.  6 in. of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars and can cause loss of control or stalling.   Nearly half of all of flood fatalities involve vehicles!  Play it safe and turn around!

Here is how you can protect yourself:

1/ Pay attention to warnings!   If you hear that there is a Flood Watch, keep an eye out for rapidly rising water, don’t park your car near waterways, avoid low lying areas in general.  If you hear that there is a Flood Warning, evacuate immediately if you’re advised to, stay away from any flowing water and head safely to higher ground. 

2/ Never attempt to walk or drive across a flooded road.  You can’t tell how deep or powerful the water flow is by simply looking at it. 

3/ If flood waters reach your home, avoid any food that’s been in contact with flood water.  Never drink it and use it to wash clothes or dishes. 

4/ Make sure you have flood coverage for the physical things of value in your life.   In Texas, if you are in what’s considered a flood zone, your lender requires you to have flood insurance.   A flood insurance policy in Texas covers your home (up to 250,000 typically).  You’ll need a separate policy for personal items of value to you. 


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